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What: South Wales research cruise

When: 29th August-20th September 2012

What it was: A research cruise off south Wales to gather information about the marine environment for several companies SEACAMS are working with.


The RV Prince Madog returned from a hugely successful SEACAMS research cruise on Thursday 20th September 2012. The 21 days cruise visited south Wales, with surveys occurring off the Pembrokeshire coast and in the Bristol Channel. SEACAMS and the RV Prince Madog collected biological, physical and geophysical measurements for projects we are working on in collaboration with over 10 Welsh companies. Several businesses came aboard to help with, and observe, the research occurring on board.

Marine energy

One of the goals of the cruise was to gather information about the physics of the marine environment for marine renewable energy projects we are involved with. For these projects we were able to measure currents using our onboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and collect water quality measurements over a tidal cycle to show what is in the water. SEACAMS were also able to host marine mammal observers who are needed for the marine energy projects. We also collected sediment samples and bathymetry information.


Several divers came aboard to observe our multibeam system in use. The multibeam uses acoustic signals to work out what the sea floor looks like. The divers were particularly interested to find several lost wrecks they want to dive and locate any additional wrecks that are off the Pembrokeshire coast. They left the Prince Madog in the evening having indentified several previously unknown wrecks.

Equipment developers

Cyclone Marine Ltd, a marine equipment developer, came aboard one day to test a new idea. With limited access to large vessels, SEACAMS was able to provide a base for the developer to test their new underwater camera design in the marine environment.

Marine mammal organisations

SEACAMS was able to host several members of marine mammal organisations on the Prince Madog for several weeks. Whilst they used the ship as a platform for their observations, they were also able to look at the multibeam to try to understand if there were any patterns between the shape of the sea floor and dolphin observations.

Future research cruises

SEACAMS is planning more research cruises in 2013. To get involved email us or ring us on 0845 519 9029.